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Mar 02, 2024
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Blue Lock: Blaze Battle APK was developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Android devices. Players control a basketball team and play thrilling matches as part of this sports-themed game.

Based on the popular anime series Blue Rock, Blue Lock: Blaze Battle APK offers players the chance to experience the heated soccer battles and dramatic story lines from the show. As soon as Blue Rock debuted in Japan, it gained a large following thanks to its vibrant characters and exciting sports action. Those who love Blue Rock and those who have never heard of it can now explore the genre in a completely new and interactive manner.


Yu Ogami, a high school soccer wonder who dreams of getting to be a incredible striker, is the hero of the diversion. Yu joins Blue Shake Academy's youth group after developing up taking after the FIFA World Container with the objective of driving Japan to World Glass radiance. To completely utilise his exceptional capacities, Yu must overcome challenges such as equal groups, strict coaches, and a fussbudget mentality. Yuuya Kido, a cheery goalkeeper, and Ryohei Shido, a defiant player, ended up companions and foes along the way. As a result of his trip, Yu encounters strongly preparing plans, exciting playoff diversions, and noteworthy individual development. Within the amusement, fans of the anime can remember their favourite story lines from the appear through anime citizens. A brand-new, original voice recording is additionally included to completely drench players within the Blue Shake universe.


Players take control of a basketball team made up of talented players in Blue Lock: Blaze Battle APK. Customise the skills and abilities of their favourite players. On the court, players can strategize and outmanoeuvre their opponents using a dynamic offence and defence system.

There are a number of game modes and challenges that players must navigate through. The players can take part in friendly matches, tournaments, and even play against AI-controlled teams. In addition to its realistic graphics and physics, the game also provides an engaging and immersive experience.

Key Features

Gameplay that is realistic

Blue Lock: Blaze Battle APK has realistic gameplay, so you'll feel like you're controlling real basketball players. Dribble, shoot, and pass are all part of the game.

Personalized Services

Selecting favourite players and assigning them unique skills and abilities allows players to customise their basketball teams. Creating a team aligned with their play style and strategies helps them succeed.

Artificial Intelligence Challenges

In addition to challenging AI opponents, the game also provides players with a realistic gaming experience. Making it challenging for the player, the AI adapts to the player's moves and strategies.

Practice and Training

Different drills and exercises can help players improve their skills. As a result, their overall performance is enhanced and their chances of victory are increased.

Seasons and Tournaments

There are competitive tournaments and seasons in Blue Lock: Blaze Battle APK where players can test their skills against other players from around the globe. Leaderboards can be climbed, rewards can be collected, and achievements can be unlocked.

Aspects of Social Life

A social component of the game allows players to communicate with each other and with their friends. They can play friendly matches, share achievements, and collaborate on team-building activities.

Kunigami Rensuke

In addition to Rensuke Kunigami, Blue Lock is also up against Bastard M√ľnchen's Rensuke Kunigami.

A fiery forward, he strives to become the greatest striker in the world and, therefore, a football superhero. He initially joined Blue Lock as a member of Team Z during the First Selection. During the Final Games of Second Selection, he was eliminated from Blue Lock's main route; however, he entered the enigmatic "Wild Card" door instead of leaving.

During the Neo Egoist League, Kunigami rejoined the other competitors through the "Wild Card" door after the U-20 match was over.

Inochichigiri Hyoma

In the Neo Egoist League in England, Hyoma Chigiri plays left wing for Manshine City, one of Blue Lock's competitors.

While at Blue Lock, Chigiri overcame his anxiety and gave his all to the game of football despite being crippled by a leg injury. Chigiri initially joined Team Z at Blue Lock. In the first half of the First Selection, Chigiri avoided or played as little as possible, but after being inspired by Isagi in Team Z's third game, he decided to play football and surpass his opponents.

Here Are a Number of For Users

To assist you win matches, here are a few supportive tips:

  1. Make utilise of each character's points of interest, such as Ryohei's speed or Yu's capable kick.
  2. Make beyond any doubt your group is adjusted with shields, midfielders, and attackers.
  3. A meticulous approach to taking shots and handling is required for the finest comes about. You cannot press buttons at the same time.
  4. You'll score more objectives by fortifying your weaker stats and honing your point with preparing exercises.
  5. Stamina can be controlled by Soul Gage abilities and substitutes. The execution of tired players is worse.
  6. Utilising arrangements that highlight your team's focal points or your opponent's shortcomings could be a idea.
  7. Ace extraordinary moves such as Nuclear Flare by timing them accurately when the Soul Gage is full. 


With practical gameplay, customisation choices, and challenging AI rivals, Blue Lock: Blaze Battle APK offers a exciting sports involvement. Ball devotees and players trying to find practical ball involvement will appreciate its locks in gameplay and social highlights.

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