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Homecourt APK v1.3 download 2024

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v1.3 For Android
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mei 20, 2024
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5.0 and up
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Homecourt APK enables users to share and create basketball drills and workout routines on their mobile devices. For Android devices, HomeCourt, Inc. developed the application. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features have made Homecourt APK popular among basketball enthusiasts and coaches.

Features of Homecourt APK

Drill Creator: Homecourt APK lets users create their own basketball drills and routines, which can be shared with friends.

Workout Planner: This application features a detailed workout planner, which allows users to plan their training sessions and monitor their progress.

Video Training: Homecourt APK provides a collection of video trainings, showing various drills and techniques.

Stats Tracking: Users can keep track of their shooting, dribbling, and other basketball skills to monitor their progress.

Social Integration: The application allows users to engage with the community, share drills, and connect with other basketball enthusiasts.

Real-Time Feedback: Users can receive real-time feedback from coaches and trainers to help them improve.

Offline Mode: Homecourt APK allows you to access your drills and workouts regardless of whether or not the internet is available.


All types of basketball enthusiasts will find Homecourt APK to be a comprehensive tool. The drill creator, workout planner, and social integration features enable users to improve their skills, track their progress, and connect with other players. Homecourt APK offers a range of features that can enhance the experience of any basketball player, coach, or fan.

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