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v1.4121 for Android
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Nov 19, 2023
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5.0 and Up
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Totally Reliable Delivery APK - You play as the clumsiest delivery person in the world in Completely Reliable Delivery Service, a fun and chaotic simulation game. Your job is to deliver packages as quickly as you can, but drugs and shuddery branches will not make it easy for you. For those packages to arrive complete, you will need all your creativity and skill.

In the game, you can drive buses , exchanges, aeroplanes , and copters to complete delivery challenges. You will also have to deal with colourful obstacles, including business, climbers, and other delivery labour force.

There's a single- player mode and a multiplayer mode in the game. Single- player mode lets you earn plutocrat and unleash new vehicles and costumes by completing delivery challenges. Different game modes are available in multiplayer mode, including teaming up with musketeers or contending against them.

You will spend hours having delightful playing Completely Reliable Delivery Service. Playing this game will bring you a continuance of recollections, thanks to its wacky drugs and chaotic gameplay.

Gameplay Overview

It's delicate for players to perform indeed simple tasks in TRDS due to its drugs-based control system. A motorist may lose a package, trip over a handicap, or crash into a commodity, which leads to all types of ridiculous mishaps. As players progress through the game, they must break a variety of mystifications and challenges created by the game's drugs machine.

Crusade for a Single Player

There are a variety of locales in the single- player crusade, from bustling metropolises to tranquil country. The objects for each position differ, similar to delivering a certain number of packages or reaching a destination on time.

Multiplayer Online

Players can contend against nonnatives or platoon over with musketeers in the online multiplayer mode. There are a variety of multiplayer modes, including the prisoner the flag mode, the platoon delivery mode, and the race mode.

Mode Sandbox

Players can produce their own challenges in the sandbox mode and trial with the game's drugs machine. There are also a variety of props and vehicles players can use to wreck annihilation in the sandbox mode.

Features of Completely Reliable Delivery APK

Many of the features that make Completely Reliable Delivery Service so delightful are as follows

Gameplay Grounded on Drugs

There's no denying that the drugs in Completely Reliable Delivery Service are among the most realistic and ridiculous you have ever seen. It's possible to throw characters like rag dolls, flip vehicles and explode packages, and fling packages far and wide.

Among the Vehicles Available Are

In Completely Reliable Delivery Service, you can choose from a variety of vehicles, including buses , exchanges, boats, and indeed copters. It takes a bit of trial to find the controls and drugs that work stylishly for each vehicle.

Extra fun with Scuffling Hooks

In Completely Reliable Delivery Service, scuffling hooks are one of the most protean tools. They're useful for swinging from objects, climbing structures, and indeed pulling packages.

Colourful Situations of Challenge

It offers a variety of gruelling situations, each with unique obstacles and objects. Delivering your packages at the right time will bear you to use your chops and imagination.

Multiplayer online and locally

Both original and online multiplayer modes are available in Completely Reliable Delivery Service. Teaming up with musicians to deliver packages is possible in original multiplayer. contend against players across the globe in online multiplayer.

Key features

  • The drugs of rag-dolls are ridiculous
  • crusade for single players and multiplayer mode for online play
  • trial and produce in the sandbox mode
  • Modes of play are different
  • Vehicles and props of varying types


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