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The WereCleaner APK v1.0.1 Download 2024

v1.0.1 For Android
Updated On:
Jun 09, 2024
951.3 MB
Required Android:
4.4 and up
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WereCleaner APK is an Android application that improves your device's protection and security. It offers a wide extend of highlights to secure your individual data and guarantee that your gadget is free from malware and other sorts of threats.


Gameplay and methodology are intensely affected by the energetic day-night cycle at the center of the diversion. In expansion to cleaning furniture, cleaning floors, repairing harmed things, and organizing, players perform different cleaning assignments all through the day. Amid this stage, you will perform assignments, collect information, and get ready for the another day.

When night falls, the amusement changes definitely. His primary objective is to chase down and annihilate powerful animals that attack the office since he is a werewolf. Players will have to utilize all their information and resources to survive and win against these foes, which shift in difficulty.

Threats and Situations That Are Immersive

With its carefully made situations, counting frequented chateaus and forsaken stockrooms, Werecleaner offers a reasonable and immersive involvement. Different extraordinary dangers undermine Kyle, which requires players to adjust their technique accordingly.

Features of the WereCleaner APK

Providing Real-time Protection

You can check on the WereCleaner APK to persistently screen your gadget for suspicious movement and potential dangers. Recognizing potential dangers proactively permits you to take prompt activity to secure your device.

An Antivirus Scanner

In expansion, the app incorporates a built-in antivirus scanner that checks your gadget for malware, infections, and other destructive records. By performing a profound filter of your gadget, the scanner guarantees that no potential dangers are missed.

Locking Apps

Secure your touchy apps with the WereCleaner APK. A secure watchword or unique mark confirmation can avoid unauthorized access to your apps with the app lock.

Security for the Web

In expansion to blocking noxious websites and phishing endeavors, the app moreover gives web assurance. At whatever point you browse the web, you are secured from potential cyber threats.

SMS and Call Filtering

You can channel calls and messages from undesirable or suspicious numbers with the WereCleaner APK. To guarantee that as it were trusted contacts can reach you, you can set up boycotts and whitelists.

Anti-theft Measures

A built-in include of the app ensures your information from burglary. Information is scrambled, so your data remains secure indeed if your phone is misplaced or stolen.

Blocking Ads

The WereCleaner APK contains an ad-blocking include that anticipates meddlesome and irritating advertisements from showing up. You will appreciate an progressed client encounter and your protection will be upgraded as a result.


Your Android device's security and security can be controlled with WereCleaner APK. You can utilize this app to secure your gadget against malware, unauthorized get to, and other cyber dangers. Secure your gadget nowadays by downloading the app.

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