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Static Shift Racing APK v57.6.5 Download 2023

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Timbo Jimbo
v57.6.5 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 03, 2023
53.6 MB
Required Android:
5.0+ and Up
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A high-detail car and environment make this smartphone race unlike any other. The developers have created an open and spacious city. Despite the developers' claims that you will race against real rivals, you often ride with bots, and the drifting sound is quite poor. In addition, you shouldn't expect super realistic physics or damage systems. The game includes a variety of modes, but they must all be completed before the game can be completed. During drifting, smoke billows from under the wheels as traffic signs and other objects are knocked over. This game offers hundreds of customization options, allowing players to collect classic cars from the 1980s and 1990s.

An Overview of the Background

Racing games are popular among gamers because of their fast pace and relentless competition. APK Static Shift Racing presents a more realistic version of the genre with cutting-edge vehicles and dynamic tracks. Its depth will keep you playing for hours.

When you're driving, you'll always feel in control. Experience the rush of speed as you race through near-realistic city environments.

The game offers a variety of driving mechanics, as well as exploration and drifting. Depending on your mood and preferences, you can select gameplay. Take advantage of this opportunity to have fun.

Features of Static Shift Racing APK

  • The game features a large open world with realistic terrain and a wide variety of environments to explore. If you explore the city and its surroundings, you can find shortcuts that will help you gain an advantage on the track. However, do not get too close to other drivers or obstacles.
  • There is a multiplayer mode in this game that allows you to compete with other players around the world. Talents can be showcased and skills can be demonstrated. Being prepared is important, however, since other players will also aim to win.
  • A wide variety of bumpers, body kits, rims, side skirts, spoilers, and hoods can be added to your vehicle. You can also improve the performance of your car by upgrading the engine and other parts.
  • There are a number of districts in the city, each with its own landmark. You can race through narrow streets in the city and drift through forested mountain passes in the wilderness. You can choose from a variety of realistic environments and detailed graphics, so you're sure to enjoy yourself.
  • Performance-enhancing parts are available for several classic and legendary cars in the game. Modern hatchbacks and other supercars with the best performance are available along with muscle cars from the 1980s and 1990s. You can unlock new models throughout the game.
  • This game benefits from external controllers because steering is more precise. The track can be maneuvered more quickly and tighter by doing this. You won't miss a step thanks to a touchscreen control system that is highly responsive.
  • Numerous game modes are available, such as drifting competitions, time trials, and elimination rounds. A high-speed circuit race awaits you every time you open the game.
  • Near-realistic sound effects will accompany your race, drift, or collision with another vehicle. Thanks to this excellent sound system, your vehicles will sound fantastic no matter what surface they're on. Whether tires screech or engines roar, the sounds will not disappoint.

Your Car Can Be Modified

There is a lot of customization involved in Static Shift Racing. This car allows you to customize it to your heart's content.

  • Take a look at our extensive selection of unique modifications, including rims, bumpers, side skirts, full-body kits, spoilers, hoods, and more.
  • Make your car stand out with custom paint.
  • A suspension and camber adjustment can improve your car's stance.
  • By installing upgrades, you will be able to perform better than your competitors.

We Live in An Open World

Explore Static Nation's vibrant districts, an open-world playground. Race through forested mountain passes, along sweeping highways, and through filthy industrial zones. Static Nation will soon expand its city limits with the addition of more districts.

Rivals you Can Race

Experience nail-biting races against real opponents and earn exciting rewards in a variety of electrifying race types.

  • Circuit races at high speeds
  • Sprint races are a great way to push yourself to the limit
  • You can practice your drifting skills during Drift Sprints
  • Drift Attack: Get the highest score
  • Marker Hunt brings you in clutch


There are a variety of challenges scattered around the world that allow you to show off your driving ability, such as drift-based challenges and time trials. Static Shift Racing offers a unique combination of activities.

List of Growing Cars

The number of cars available at Static Shift Racing is endless. Classic cars from the 1980s and 1990s can be unlocked and driven. Each car can be customized in hundreds of ways, allowing you to build a vehicle that is truly unique to you. Keep an eye out for updates on new cars.

Beautiful Graphics

You will enjoy unsurpassed graphics on your mobile device when you play Static Shift Racing. A beautiful open world can be explored on your mobile device through drifting, driving, and racing.

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