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Quike Widget APK v8.5 Download 2024

App By:
妮琳 张
v8.5 For Android
Updated On:
Jan 24, 2024
160 MB
Required Android:
4.4 and Up
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Using Quike Widget APK, you can customise and use a wide range of contraptions in different sizes on your desktop. Timetables, timepieces, prints, notes, and more can be added to your desktop to customise it while also maximising your device's storehouse and speed.

A contrivance toolbox for getting further done is what this app is each about. Landscape modes can be changed, backgrounds can be changed, and an each- around command interface is available.

Contraptions of Different Types

A big draw is the variety of useful tools available in a variety of sizes depending on their utility and information viscosity:

  • An anniversary note, a timetable, and a counter are all small contraptions.
  • The medium contraptions are Date and Time, Birth Date Photo Display Parts, and Notes on Text
  • A Big Picture Bystander with Notes Widget

The result is that druggies are suitable to set up their computers in a way that is both visually charming and functional. Different contrivance sizes make it easy to see large( like the date and time) and small( like large filmland, documents, and notes).

Customisation is a Breath

This app allows druggies to customise contrivance parameters to match their style and information preferences.

Colours and filmland can be used to change the background. Switch to black and white for a simpler, cleaner look. contrivance textbook can be changed in sources, colours, and accoutrements . produce your ideal substantiated screen.

Apps will automatically resize corridor of their interface if your device or screen format changes. As a result, everything looks good on all computers and in all exposures.

Performance Enhancement

By making several changes, the app prioritizes the stylish device performance despite layering a lot of apps.

By compressing means and loading them snappily when demanded, lower space is needed for storehouse. By managing requests for coffers and scheduling tasks more effectively, the battery drain was reduced. nearly no effect on other programs.

Keeping these effects in mind will make decorating your desktop easier without affecting your system's speed or security, which is pivotal to getting work done.

Navigating With Ease

As part of Intuitive Navigation relations, swipes in multiple directions are supported and environment options are available. While changing settings or switching contraptions on and off, this lets you make quick adaptations.

As a result of the harmonious command interface, tools are hidden when they aren't being used, making the interface less cluttered. As a result of this clean launch- up, it's also easy to get to certain apps according to your requirements.


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