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Crazy Rocks
v1.0 for Android
Updated On:
May 31, 2023
16 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and Up
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Contraband Police Mobile is a mobile version of the PC strategy game Contraband Police. On August 5, 2021, this game was released on iOS and Android by indygo creators. Players take on the role of police chiefs at stops in Contraband Police Mobile. Finding and seizing illegal goods is their goal, as well as finding information and helping customers.

It is a very popular mobile game among gamers to download Contraband Police Game APK. APKs like Contraband Police Mobile are the best choice for people who like life simulation games since they have beautiful images, fun gameplay, and a lot of cool features. We will discuss the best parts of Contraband Police Mobile game, its benefits, and how to get it in this article. Getting the most out of it will be easier if you do this.

What is Contraband Police Mobile APK?

Play Contraband Police Mobile APK as a police chief who runs a crime and smuggling unit in this life simulation game. In your role, you are responsible for removing pirates from the country, securing illegal goods, and ensuring the country's safety. During this task, you will have to control the traffic, check how goods are transported, and control the traffic.

This game offers a realistic and easy-to-understand experience thanks to its beautiful 3D graphics and good sound. In Contraband Police Mobile, there are many different tasks to complete and many ways to accomplish them.

Contraband Police Mobile is a great game that players can play anywhere and anytime. In addition, Contraband Police Mobile syncs data between devices so that players can continue playing on another device without losing progress.

Great-looking graphics

There is a lot of detail in the 3D images in Contraband Police Mobile APK. A lot of the objects in the game, including cars, houses, trees, and even people, look very real. In this way, players are given a more realistic experience when trying to find stolen items.

Games of varying types

In Contraband Police Mobile APK, players can do many different things. The vehicle must be driven to many different places to be checked for things and for the vehicle. To improve your ability to find illegal goods, you can also carry out different tasks for money and buy more tools. However, it is not easy to track down pirates and catch them. In order to handle cases, you need to verify goods, check papers, search for secrets, and handle cases. An issue that arises legally.


With Contraband Police Mobile APK, you can shop for gear, upgrade cars, earn money by taking on different tasks, and try out many more things. Different game types allow you to upgrade your car, buy weapons, and wear protective gear.

The task is challenging

It is a very hard game that requires players to pay close attention and search carefully in order to find thieves. Dealing with difficult scenarios and lawbreakers will require you to use your knowledge and skills.


With this post, I Contraband Police Mobile share with you the latest version of Contraband Police Mobile APK. People love Contraband Police Mobile APK because it offers so many benefits. The most popular app in the Contraband Police Mobile APK category is Contraband Police Mobile APK. Android users can download this app safely. Make sure to let us know what you think of the apk in the comment section below. Also, share our website with your friends and Family so they can also enjoy awesome free apps.

Users Review  

User 1: The app is very exciting, with its graphics, soundtrack, and user interface. It is easy to use because of its beautiful atmosphere.

User 2: The graphics quality is excellent, the background music is excellent, the user interface is fluid, the gameplay is varied, and the game matches any theme we choose. The skins and accessories that each character has make this game interesting.

User 3: The character design and gameplay of Besides the game being very good, the music is also enjoyable, and some costumes are also provided for free in the Games. The disadvantage is that the costumes Are very expensive.

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