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v3.5.4 for Android
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Nov 23, 2023
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5.0+ and Up
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Conquerors 2.0 APK - The area, beautiful women, and children are all associated with wars. Is your empire's proud history a commodity you can carry on? v2.1 introduces a brand new system for heirs at law at law!

Creating your own area is possible in this global MMO strategy game! Set up your Consorts, make strong orders, and gather stalwart icons to fight for the throne!


Conquerors APK is a real- time strategy game for Android. Players act as warlords and must make megacities, train their colours, and conquer their adversaries. Units, structures, upgrades, and different maps are available in the game.

The focus on real- time strategy makes Conquerors APK unique. A player's success depends on being constantly apprehensive of what is passing on the battlefield and making quick opinions. Also, the game includes single- player drives, multiplayer modes, and cooperative modes.

There are in- app purchases in Conquerors APK, but it's a free- to- play game. Upgrades, structures, and new units can be bought via in- app purchases. Although in- app purchases aren't needed, the game can still be played without them.

Features of Conquerors 2.0 APK

War Strategy Game in Real Time

  • You can watch over your colours' every move in real- time, from their conformations to their passage tracks! Will they beat your adversaries when you lead them?
  • There are now more war particulars to make your fight more instigative. Cut through the adversary's set of munitions and destroy their order with them!
  • In this real- time strategy war game, you can move your colours around freely. When there's war, anything can be. What are you going to do when your friend's megacity is on fire? Will you shoot your stylish to help fight off the raiders, or will you attack them yourself? You, my great master, make the choice!

His consorts and heirs at law

  • Do you need some love in your game? Communicate with your consorts, present them with gifts, eat with them, and play mystification games with them.
  • When you marry someone, have children with them, and educate your heirs at law well. When they are aged, they can marry other players' Heirs at law to help you make stronger hookups.

A whole new Hero System

  • Let your icons take the lead! You can now set up your idol groups and shoot them to war without having to assign colours!
  • You can lead different types of colours, similar as cavalry, army, hunters, and siege machines, each with its own special capacities and traits.
  • Ridges are great for giving your icons huge boosts. You'll find that a idol with Ridges is the most important thing there is.

Look at how your conglomerate grows

  • We now show you a bigger megacity in this form. It's in the middle of the desert, at an oasis. There are brand-new resource municipalities added to the Kingdom. As a Conqueror, you'll need to discover new places and make your conglomerate bigger. Get out and see effects!
  • A well- run megacity is the base of a strong army! To stay ahead, you need to ameliorate your megacity, learn about tech, gather coffers, train colours, and hire icons .
  • Abettors are what will keep you alive. You can join a strong group or make your own. Use your council fort to get important suckers and Guild Resource structures to get coffers. Get your guillemots together to fight in Guild Wars, Province Battles, Palace Warfare, and Mmeddler Battles, which are all veritably delightful! Work together to be successful!
  • The businesses of Conquerard are made up of centrals and palaces. Battle for them! Numerous strong orders want to take over this land and make it their own.
  • Show the world that you're a real Conqueror! You can fight other people in battlefields like Citadel Showdown and Sovereign Strife.

Talk to other Gamers from each over the World

  • Great social tools that make it easier to talk to people! It lets you talk to anyone, anywhere, in real- time. You can use the Kingdom Chat, the Guild Chat, or make your own converse group! Animated stickers will make your addresses further fun!
  • Our worldwide giant garçon lets you go anywhere! Stay retired and grow in your Kingdom, or move to one that is full of players to raid. You get to choose!

Key Features of Conquerors APK

  • Real- time strategy gameplay
  • A variety of different units, structures, and upgrades
  • A large number of different charts to play on
  • Single- player crusade, multiplayer mode, and collaborative mode
  • Free- to- play with in- app purchases


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