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Clickmate Pro APK v6.1.5 Download 2024

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v6.1.5 For Android
Updated On:
Sep 18, 2023
9.9 MB
Required Android:
4.4 and Up
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Download Clickmate Pro APK

You can record and playback how you touch things in other apps and games using Clickmate. ROOTING IS NOT REQUIRED.

You only need to record your finger once, and it will remain the same forever.

Features of Clickmate Pro APK

  • The screen can be touched with a single touch or multiple touches.
  • Actions in the menu include the back action, the home action, and the recent app action.
  • To take pictures, use the screenshot move.
  • Displaying apps that float across the screen of the device.

The AccessibilityService API provides the following data:

The app uses the internet service API to show a floating window with a view attached that records touch input, including its X and Y coordinates, the number of fingers used to touch, and how long the touch lasted. This information can be saved by the customer. When you want to recreate your touch input, the saved data is used to recreate it using Accessibility Service APIs.

Unless you, the user, choose to export it outside of the app using the export option, none of the data listed above will be shared with third parties. A user can export touch-related data (x and y coordinates, finger count, touch duration, and repeat count) to an external file in a directory of their choice.

Find out what climate can do for you:

Choosing a recording mode

With Android 9 and later, the navigation bar allows you to record and playback touch input, menu commands, apps, and screenshots, as well as accessing system functions like back, menu, and apps. When you record a task, you can repeat it as many times as you like. One of the most important things about this mode is that it doesn't require root access.

A little bit of everything

Combinations allow you to control speed, delay, and repeat by linking tracks together.

Hand-operated mode

You can use this mode to click on apps and games. You can tap or swipe on certain spots on the screen, then tell the app what to do. This action can be changed in every way. There are options for how long swipes and taps last, how often they happen, and how often they happen.

MacroDroid and Tasker support

Clickmate's tasker plugin lets you build custom automation flows in Tasker and Macrodroid.


The main screen is a good place to start recording because it allows you to do so faster.

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